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Sexual Division of Labour: Workshop I

In the month of May 2018, Prof. Anup Dhar conducted a workshop on the 'sexual division of labour' with thirty young women from Mardapoti and Dokal (two villages in Chhattisgarh). In the same workshop he worked with the women on questions of affect, as he tried to understand their relations with the family. The idea of mitanin came up during the discussion. The workshop ended with a health check-up of all the young women. This health check-up showed the need and requirement for nutritional depth and diversity in the young women. The question of indigenous vegetable cultivation came up as a way to secure their basic nutritional requirement or at least see to it that their nutrition is not compromised. He was assisted by Anubha Sinha and Swarnima Kriti; both had done their MPhil in Development Practice (

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