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Chinhari published its first newsletter in November, 2019. Our newsletter marks a difference and publishes material written by young women from rural Chhattisgarh. This newsletter is thus, a platform of self-expression - of abhivyakti -- and a space for young women who are adivasi, dalit or belong to other backward castes to speak to the outside world. We help them both embrace and question the world they live in. We shall publish a newsletter quarterly and you can subscribe to our newsletter for free. Find the links to our newsletters below:

Newsletter 1: November, 2019



  • Mandavi, H. (2019). "गोंड शादी की रस्में धमतरी, छत्तीसगढ़" in souvenir by India Indigenous People's Society.

  • Kriti, S. (2019). “Deconstructing Theory-Practice: Re-thinking Methodology” in Journal for International Women’s Studies, 20(3), 62-73.



Kriti, S. (2019, forthcoming). Chinhari—The Young India: The Praxis of Feminizing Democracy. Ed. Ray, M. State of Democracy in India: Essays on Life and Politics in Contemporary Times. New Delhi: Primus Books. 



  • Kriti, Swarnima. “Deconstructing Theory-Practice: Re-thinking Methodology” presented at 4th World Women Studies Conference, Sri Lanka. May 3-5, 2018.

  • Kriti, Swarnima. “Bastar dussehra: Re-thinking co-existence  through folk cultures” at the Two Day International Conference held in kolkata titled Cultural Exchange through Narratives: On Folkloristics Overview. Organized by Kolkata Society for Asian Studies. March 15-17, 2019.

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