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Chinhari – a group which has women within the age-group of 13 to 28 and a few men within the age group of 20-25, works towards transforming relations between men and women – which would in turn lead to (i) sharing of labor in the household and outside (ii) awareness and sensitivity about young women's bodies and health (iii) creation of a space where young men and women can share their concerns and anxieties regarding education and marriage. Chinhari also engenders a process of agriculture that is eco-sensitive, as a process generating livelihoods for the young men and women. Chinhari has now extended its work from Mardapoti to Dokal.

Chinhari would not have been possible without Anubha (Sinha), especially, in its initial years and Vijeta in its later years. Bhavya Chitranshi and Gurpreet Kaur have played an important role in shaping the work and its philosophy.

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