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Hope and Despair

The year 2019 has been very important for Chinhari. This year Chinhari has as if been transformed into a beautiful earthen pot from a loath of clay. We have been shaped, structured and given a finishing. Our efforts since 2018, helped us get land in the two villages and we laboured hard to reap its fruits. However, our experiences in both the villages were those of failure and learning. The scorching heat in Mardapoti had dried the land. Bore-wells in the village had stopped working. In conditions such it was very difficult for us to water the plants, because of which our vegetables died. On the other hand, we had a constant source of water in Dokal. However, a hail storm in Dokal destroyed most of our vegetables like raddish, okra etc.

We did fail in vegetable farming, however, there are other things we gained and learned. The young women learnt how to sow and take care of the plants. They now believed they could do farming. They earned self-value and the ability to be self-reliant. This rainy season we are more determined to learn farming (especially traditional practices) and harvest healthy vegetables.

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